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XTM Wireless Firewall or Wireless Access Points?

Why would you need a wireless access point (WAP) if you have a wireless firewall?  There advantage of the WAP's is that they a flexible and can allow for easy extension of your wireless network.

Which is Right for Me?

A Wireless Firewall is:

  • Ideal for business that want an all-in-one solution
  • A stand-alone, plug and play device with no additional software component
  • Equipped with 3 antennas to extend coverage and directionality
  • A cost effective all-in-one solution that is perfect for a small office or branch.

 An AP device is:

  • The right choice for an organisation needling the flexibility to extend coverage
  • Easily extendable with one or many combing with an XTM device.
  • One that allows for rack placement of XTM's as AP device has flexible deployment
  • Easy and subtle to deploy and perfect for outdoor spaces

XTM wireless models support AP devices, so you can choose both! 

AP 100, AP102, AP 200 & AP 300

access_point_ftWireless Access Points

From only: £264.77*

Extends best in class UTM security to wireless networks.

Ideal for:

All Organisations • Strong Security • Exceptional Coverage 

Managed from same console as XTM



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