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Securing Distributed Franchises

WatchGuard Technologies Guest Blog

What do the likes of Costa Coffee, Subway and Century21 have in common? They are all examples of probably the most distributed networks possible – franchises. Franchises, with...


A Solution for the DLP Doomsayers

WatchGuard Technologies Guest Blog  

Recently, Gartner released fascinating results of a spot survey regarding Data Loss Prevention (DLP), where it asked whether legacy DLP technology...


Is it time for every company to have cyber breach drills?

By Mike Pencavel - Channel Account Manager - WatchGuard Technologies

Every few months in offices around the country there will be the shrill of the fire alarm, following by us all obediently trudging down to an otherwise unused...


Wi-Fi and security are better together for SMBs

by Ryan Orsi - Director of Strategic Alliances at WatchGuard Technologies

Wireless adoption is growing fast globally, with Wi-Fi access becoming ubiquitous in businesses, stores, corporate environments and public spaces; literally...


Wi-Fi in Hotels, a five star problem

By Jonathan Whitley - Area Sales Director - Northern Europe at Watchguard Technologies 

Having a fast internet connection in your hotel room is as likely to lead to a five star TripAdvisor review as to the quality of the sausages...


Wi-Fi is the hacker’s backdoor

WatchGuard Secure Wireless Router battens down the hacker hatches

Protecting the network from unwanted users is a high priority for modern businesses. However,...


Public Data Protection

Local authority data breaches can be prevented with WatchGuard

British privacy rights group Big Brother Watch (BBW) published a...


New Dimension Command Creates Instant Control

Immediate response via the dashboard

WatchGuard have announced a variety of visibility and ease-of-use...


Speed versus Security

Performance without compromise

Today threats to an organisation’s computer network are inevitable. Every...


To Cyberloaf or not to Cyberloaf - that is the question

Time crime or productivity booster?

Is cyberloafing really a time crime? In 2004 a survey revealed that UK employees spend 40...

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