Who are Rockford 'it'?

Our WatchGuard Journey

Our WatchGuard Journey

From the security conscious beginning it wasn’t long before SysGroup Plc subsidiary, Rockford IT came across WatchGuard. The company impressed from the start – they had a clear vision of where they saw their firewalls fitting and the role they would play improving SME security. Ideals shared by SysGroup Plc.

In 2005 we became an official WatchGuard partner.  We built upon our knowledge and expertise and in 2011 became an Expert partner – the highest level available.  WatchGuard have since strengthened their reputation as one of the very best firewalls for Small and Mid-sized organisations.

In 2014 WatchGuard announced their intention to refresh the partner programme with the top tier Platinum being an invite only level for resellers that met all requirements of the new Gold level and provided exceptional added value to the customers. It became a key business goal to meet this target and in the Autumn of 2015 we were the first partner in the UK to be awarded Platinum status. Even now SysGroup Plc are only one of two Platinum Partners.

What makes us different?

  • Our unparalleled advice is supported by years of expertise and highly skilled technicians.
  • We provide 30 days free support on every WatchGuard Firebox sold.
  • We provide 24 hour emergency support to anyone needing it.
  • All of our 2nd and 3rd line service desk staff have WatchGuard technical qualifications.
  • You have the option of a leased service with fully managed WatchGuard Fireboxes.
  • We offer a full support service (including change requests and advice)
  • SysGroup are the first WatchGuard Platinum Partner in the UK and in 2016 UK Partner of the Year

 If you want to know more about SysGroup Plc, head over to our main website.

Final Word

We know a lot about WatchGuard.

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