Firebox M Series

WatchGuard’s Firebox M Series Get Upgraded

WatchGuard® Technologies has announced hardware upgrades to its Firebox® M Series to handle the rapid proliferation of encrypted web traffic and offer more flexibility. With the new M470, M570 and M670 appliances, users can add additional network modules to increase the number of copper or fibre p... Read More


IoT is Causing a Dyn

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a rapid pace, with manufacturers of everything from fridges to jeans coming under pressure to quickly provide new connected products. McKenzie & Company predicts the annual growth rate of IoT devices to be about 33 percent, with Garner forecasting an ... Read More


What you need to know about the recent NotPetya outbreak

Late last month, whilst we were basking in some early summer sun, networks throughout the globe were busy attempting to fend off the latest ransomware outbreak to target Microsoft Windows PCs. The malware, dubbed Petya 2.0 or NotPetya because of the way it appeared to masquerade as a variant of the ... Read More

watchguard certified

More Rockford IT Employees Become WatchGuard Certified

WatchGuard Platinum Partners and IT Security Experts Rockford IT are pleased to announce that more of their team are now WatchGuard certified. Rockford IT's 2nd Line Technicians, Dan and Dale are the most recent employees to have gained WatchGuard certifications. On top of recently receiving a pr... Read More

WannaCry ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware 2.0: Potential Ransomworm

By WatchGuard's Chief Technology Officer Corey Nachreiner On May 12, 2017, an extremely virulent ransomware variant named WCry 2.0 (also called WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r, and WannaCrypt) began to infect organizations across the world. Within several hours, over 75,000 victims were reported in 90+ cou... Read More

internet traffic

Is There Anybody Out There?

By Martin Lethbridge, Senior Sales Engineer, WatchGuard Technologies "Is there anybody out there?" asked Pink Floyd once. Well the answer when it comes to the Internet, it appears, is yes. But, the interesting revelation was that it’s not just humans that are out there, but bots. A lot of them ... Read More

Digital security concept

Threat Detection and Response is Now Available

By Julian Matossian - Senior Product Manager at WatchGuard Technologies WatchGuard’s newest security service, Threat Detection and Response (TDR), is now Generally Available (GA)! TDR is WatchGuard’s first security service that correlates network and endpoint security events with threat intel... Read More

crystal maze

Rockford IT Head to The Crystal Maze

Rockford IT's Sales Executive, Lewis Hardie won himself and colleagues a hospitality day out to take part in a real life Crystal Maze experience, which recently opened in London. Lewis recently took part in WatchGuard's partner-league. By selling specific WatchGuard products Lewis earnt himself a p... Read More

public wi-fi

Safe Surfing – Protect your Data on Public Wi-Fi

Last year, while delivering an IT Security Seminar, the SysGroup Plc team met a lady who was using public Wi-Fi at a London station. Her laptop was hacked while she was connected and she had data stolen. It was a hard lesson to learn in a brutal way. Using public Wi-Fi is a risky business. If you a... Read More

password security

Password Security is Key – How to be more secure

IT security experts SysGroup Plc have come across numerous stories in the media which highlight the importance of having a secure password. In this article you can find out some top tips on the best practice in password security. Deliveroo made it into the news recently after thieves were able... Read More