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WatchGuard Firewalls

Our Role:

Supply and installation of WatchGuard to Head Office and distributed office network

Watchguard Product:

XTM 5 series
T10-W for distributed offices

Watchguard Services:


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Peter Posh provide mens and boys formal suit hire. It has it’s own showrooms along with about 400 independent stockists across the UK. SysGroup Plc provides a Point to Point leased line connection, hosting services and WatchGuard expertise. Peter Posh’s distributed showroom network raised security concerns.

The Proposal

Change the existing Zyzel routers with lax security into bridge mode just to terminate the ADSL and to pass onto newly installed table top WatchGuard T10-W device at each distributed location to ensure Peter Posh had significantly better best practice security and wireless functionality. Each firebox had the security suite bundle and APT blocker (now all within the Total Security bundle).


The remote offices used remote desktop from their local PC’s directly over the internet to the terminal server at the Peter Posh Head Office. We had limited risk by installing a 5 series firewall at HQ and locking it down to only accept RDP encrypted connections from the offices public IP addresses.

Security was poor: without lockdown the then current ZyXel routers allowed all ports out to the internet unchecked, had no Anti-Virus, no IPS, no proxying and no web blocker. All ports and all websites were available, RDP traffic was going out over the internet and not over a dedicated branch office VPN. In addition, local machines were very slow and there was no way of remotely checking if the PC’s were on the domain, were fully up-to-date with windows updates, or if they had Anti-Virus installed that was up-to-date and running.

The Result

WatchGuard T10-W devices were installed and configured at each location. Branch office tunnels were created to connect the hosted platform at SysGroup with the depots local networks.  Remote Desktop connections could then be sent over the tunnel for added security,

By installing the T10-W fireboxes Peter Posh’s distributed office PC’s were added to the peter posh domain which allowed them to be managed centrally. This also enabled all PC’s to be kept up to date with windows updates, and Anti-Virus could be managed centrally to ensure it was up to date and providing full protection.

In addition, PC’s were locked down to ensure no unlicensed / unwanted applications were installed locally by users, and networked printers were set up so that they could be installed and used by more than one PCUser at each depot.

Other key benefits were:

  • Localised internet access could be restricted to just the necessary ports, or alternately localised internet could be blocked altogether forcing the only web access to be via the terminal server.
  • Localised web traffic could be Anti-Virus scanned, IPS scanned and proxied to ensure no malicious content was downloaded to the network.

A localised web blocker policy could be applied to the distributed offices blocking dangerous, malicious, adult, gambling and other inappropriate websites.

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