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April 2016


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Reconomy is the UK’s market leader in outsourced recycling and resource management services. They specialise in four key sectors: construction, house building, infrastructure and business and industry.  It has grown rapidly which has placed strain on the IT and HR departments.

The Proposal

SysGroup Plc  proposed replacing the then current Draytec with an M400 HA Pair which would be installed and configured to Reconomy’s requirements.


Reconomy had no control or visibility on what their users were doing while using the internet which was causing operational issues and introducing increased risk to the network.

The Result

Reconomy could control Bandwidth usage so that business critical activity had absolute priority, and HR could gain better visibility and control on its rapidly growing employee users. Since installation the WatchGuard M400 firebox has detected and prevented over 26,000 intrusions in a 60-day period, and even though Reconomy has a relatively relaxed web blocker policy over 6,000 of the worst web pages were blocked.


“SysGroup are incredibly knowledgeable about the WatchGuard products but also most importantly, they have thorough practical knowledge of the surrounding technology we have in the organisation and have made the best of and fully integrated the WatchGuard”

James Coburn
IT Manager

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