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    Software or hardware firewall?

    A software firewall is best suited to an individual and sits on a PC that protects the network (home or small office).   If used in a commercial set up it would need to be on every PC and could be expensive and difficult to administer.  Hardware delivers punchy performance and the security featur... View FAQ

    I have a router. Why do I need a firewall?

    A router decides on a path a packet takes from subnet A to B.  A firewall looks at the packets, filters and blocks them (as appropriate),  and adds a strong layer of security.  Any large infrastructure should ideally have a router for routing, switches for switching and firewalls for…  And, a ... View FAQ

    What is a managed firewall?

    A managed firewall is one that is owned, licenced and managed by SysGroup.  You lease it from us over a 1 or 3 year period.... View FAQ

    What is UTM?

    UTM or Unified Threat Management is a term used to describe a firewall that has a large range of security features integrated with it.  Usually these features would be purchased separately.  WatchGuard’s policy has been to develop these features with leading partners to ensure small and medium o... View FAQ

    What is a Next Generation Firewall (or NGFW)

    Firewalls were designed to control traffic that entered or exited a network.  When NGFW firewalls came about the originals were referred to as traditional firewalls.  Next Generation Firewalls come with added security features.  WatchGuard NGFW firewalls include Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)... View FAQ