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ICO has reported that healthcare organisations accounted for 43% of all reported cyber-security incidents between January 2014 and December 2016. 

Stolen medical records which can fetch as much as £30 per record, making them a clear target for cyber criminals. 

Technology has enhanced healthcare in innumerable ways, but also puts enormous pressure on IT departments to safeguard personal health information and connected medical devices. Sensitive patient data processed by hospitals and specialists needs to be protected and encrypted at all times through firewalls to state-of-the-art data centres.

SysGroup recommends WatchGuard’s cutting-edge ‘Fireware’ technology to decrypt and reassemble incoming traffic to scan packet data at the application level. Using firewalls, suspicious payloads are blocked, with only ‘known good’ traffic allowed to pass through. Proxying is the most secure method of processing data and the deeper analysis helps you to stop sophisticated threats right at the doorway to your larger network.

Superior encryption and endpoint device security are also important ways for healthcare organisations to protect their staff and patients from cyber crime and real-world harm.



Lincolnshire HeathCare Case Study

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