Password Security is Key – How to be more secure

by Amy Hitchmough on 28 Nov 2016

password security

IT security experts SysGroup Plc have come across numerous stories in the media which highlight the importance of having a secure password. In this article you can find out some top tips on the best practice in password security.

Deliveroo made it into the news recently after thieves were able to login and order food using passwords obtained by hacks on other unrelated websites, simply because the user had the same credentials for Deliveroo. Furthermore Yahoo! made it into the news when they revealed that they were hit by a major hack in 2014, with at least 500 million customer usernames and passwords exposed. This breach was undisclosed by Yahoo! for 2 years.

In a recent article examining Yahoo’s SEC filing, SC Magazine asked WatchGuard CTO, Corey Nachreiner, for a reaction to the company’s surprising admission:

“If indeed Yahoo knew about this breach earlier, and they realized it affected their customers’ account security, it would be very disappointing that they did not inform their customers to protect them. No business is expected to be invulnerable, but we should expect businesses to quickly inform their customers if any security incident affects their data or accounts, especially if it could help the customers protect themselves from repercussions.”

These two stories are all constant reminders why password security is so important. We all struggle to come up with new passwords that are inventive and secure, leading to the same ‘memorable’ password being used for everything.

What can you do to increase your password security?

  • Always use a range numbers, symbols and characters
  • Set up 2 factor authentication on your accounts
  • Change passwords regularly
  • Update security questions on accounts periodically
  • DO NOT use the same password more than once

If you are interested in a password manager, SysGroup are Thycotic partner, and their product Secret Server is an enterprise password management software for IT Admins and IT Security Pros.

If you would like more information on password security, Secret Server or anything WatchGuard related, contact IT security experts, SysGroup Plc on 0333 101 9000 (option 1), email or contact here.

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