Other Security Products

WatchGuard provides a total security solution and these products combine with the firewalls and access points to deliver that for you

WatchGuard WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud

For you to unlock the huge potential of Wi-Fi for your business you need to do more than just supply access. When you deploy a WatchGuard Access Point with Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi turned on, you gain powerful security and marketing functions:

  • WIPS security which identifies and shuts off rogue access points.
  • In-depth guest and airspace analytics.
  • Invaluable marketing and guest engagement tools.
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WatchGuard Dimension

Oceans of data instantly becomes security intelligence

WatchGuard Dimension is a cloud-ready network security visibility solution that comes standard with WatchGuard’s Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewall Platforms.

It makes reading data logs easier by presenting it in a dashboard format that can be as easily understood and used by an IT Manager and HR Manager. The data log dashboard can generate a wide range of reports.

  • Executive dashboard, threat map and Firewatch
  • Scheduled reporting and policy map
  • Simply deploy or import a virtual appliance.
  • Can be in a public or private cloud, or on your server, desktop or laptop.
  • No need to install, maintain or patch an operating system.
  • No need to maintain dependencies between versions of OS, databases, and the WatchGuard server software.
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WatchGuard Dimension Command

Take instant control of your network

Dimension Command is a suite of firewall management tools for WatchGuard Dimension. With it, IT pros don’t just see what’s happening on the network, they can take immediate action right from the dashboard.

  • Add to block list
  • Hub and spoke VPN
  • Restore to previous configuration
  • Health Report

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WatchGuard IPSec VPN Client

Remote employees can be a risk to your network. WatchGuard provides a feature-rich VPN client that provides:

  • Seamless roaming. This could enable you to connect to a coffee shop wifi, switch to Ethernet at work and back to wifi at home without loosing your VPN connection
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Always on. The IPSec VPN client connects automatically if a connection drops or a device goes to sleep
  • Integrated personal firewall. Identifies whether a network is secure and firewalls are set appropriately. Very useful for retail businesses using a specific application, for example.
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WatchGuard Virtual Solutions

Virtual solutions are available for organisations of any size.

  • Runs on industry standard servers including Hyper-V and vSphere
  • Has all the security functions available with physical devices
  • You can deploy a mix of virtual and physical appliances
  • Multiple VPN choices
  • Deployment can be designed by customer, department or even per app
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WatchGuard Mobile Security

WatchGuard Mobile Security allows you to enforce organisational policies and controls on mobile devices attempting to connect via Wi-Fi or VPN

  • Simple to deploy via Fireclient app
  • You can customise your BYOD policy by device type
  • You can prevent access from jailbroked or rooted devices
  • You can block devices from downloading unauthorised data
  • Malware scans included for Android devices

WatchGuard High Availability

We run our entire infrastructure on an N+1 basis.  If something fails everything continues to run on the back up.  We thoroughly recommend customers take the high availability option, which ensures peace of mind just in case.

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