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Firebox M4800 & M5800

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The WatchGuard Firebox M4800 & M5800 are some of the most comprehensive WatchGuard devices available, offering a complete online security package. The powerful market leading firewalls allows businesses with headquarters and multiple locations to provide the ultimate online protection, supported by our team. The WatchGuard M4800 & M5800 offer an effective security solution to businesses looking for coverage for multiple offices, remote employee locations and more.

What do I receive with my WatchGuard Firebox?

We recommend that you have a Total Security package with your WatchGuard Firebox as it provides the most complete level of protection. It provides comprehensive layered security which helps to protect against online threats and to help meet some of the EU General Data Data Protection regulation requirements. Every WatchGuard device comes with 1 or 3 year break / fix support provided by WatchGuard on a 12 or 24 hour basis.

Can I upgrade my support?

We can provide a fully comprehensive support package which provides much more than break / fix – including unlimited policy change requests, IPSec and remote user VPN support and setup, software updates, hotfixes and patch application and unlimited advice. 30 days free support is provided with every WatchGuard sold.

For further information, please contact our team of WatchGuard experts who will assist, providing a tailored package and quote based on your requirements.

ServiceSupportBasic SecurityTotal Security
Stateful Firewall
Access Portal
Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)
Application Control
Gateway AntiVirus
Reputation Enabled Defense
Network Discovery
APT Blocker
Threat Detection & Response
WatchGuard Cloud Visibility
Data Retention
1 Day30 Days
SupportStandard (24 x 7)Standard (24 x 7)Gold (24 x 7)

Top of the line performance & security

With firewall throughput of up to 87 Gbps and UTM throughput up to 11.3 Gbps, the Firebox® M4800 and M5800 are our fastest Firebox appliances ever. This level of performance, paired with powerful security, flexible high-port density, and affordability makes these the ideal solutions for distributed, hub-and-spoke type deployment scenarios.

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    Total network protection

    Every network needs a full arsenal of scanning engines to protect against spyware, viruses, malicious apps, botnets and more. Typically deployed at the corporate headquarters, Firebox M4800/M5800 appliances serve as the “hub,” responsible for managing and providing layered security for all communications between the head office and all remote employee and business sites.

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    Expansion modules for greater port density

    Firebox M4800/M5800 appliances provide greater port density options that enable IT professionals to add additional network modules with more fiber or copper ports. Each appliance has two available slots for expansion modules, with options for 4 x 10 Gb fiber, 8 x 1 Gb copper, 8 x 1 Gb fiber, or 2 x 40 Gb fiber.

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    A clouds-eye view of your entire network

    WatchGuard Cloud provides full visibility into your network so that you can make timely, informed, and effective decisions about your network security anywhere, anytime. The platform displays 100+ dashboards and reports that allow you to quickly see high-level trends and anomalies, then drill down into detailed information on each.


Uniquely architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest, and most effective network security products, WatchGuard solutions deliver in-depth defenses against advanced malware, ransomware, botnets, trojans, viruses, drive-by downloads, data loss, phishing and much more. Total and Basic Security Suite packages are available on all Firebox solutions.

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