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Cloud Visibility

Cloud Visibility

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Businesses are drowning in oceans of data, including network security data, making it nearly impossible to identify important security issues and make better policy decisions. The impact on regulatory compliance status can be devastating. WatchGuard Cloud Visibility resolves these challenges by instantly turning raw network data into actionable security intelligence – in the big data visualisation style today’s users have come to expect. As it’s a 100% Cloud-based solution, you can access these insights anytime, anywhere through its centrally managed Cloud platform that scales to meet the needs of even the most complex environments.

Features & Benefits

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    Powerful Insight in Seconds

    IT teams need to understand what’s happening in their networks right away in order to detect, respond to, and block threats. With WatchGuard Cloud Visibility, you get full UTM visibility into your network so you can make timely, informed, and effective decisions about your network security. You can quickly load dashboards and generate reports on all your network security events. Whether you want to gain insight into risky or inappropriate user behaviour, track usage, or better understand bandwidth consumption, WatchGuard Cloud Visibility can help.

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    Unlimited Scalability and Flexible Data Retention

    While scaling an on-premises solution can be time consuming and expensive, scaling with WatchGuard Cloud Visibility can be done instantly – and it scales to meet the needs of even the most complex environments – regardless of your company’s size, complexity, devices, or other requirements. Several data storage options are available. The WatchGuard Total Security Suite, available on the Firebox platform, includes 30 days of data retention out of the box, with the option to scale as reporting requirements demand.

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    Reporting and Compliance without the Fuss

    Stop struggling with local or hybrid logging/reporting systems and ensure compliance with WatchGuard Cloud Visibility. With over 100 pre-built dashboards and reports, including a Policy Usage Report and Policy Map, demonstrating compliance with leading industry mandates, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, and KCSiE, becomes easy. What’s more, the Executive Report provides a high-level summary tailored for C-level executives, IT directors, compliance officers, and small business owners – which makes demonstrating value a snap.

Visibility Made Simple.

FireWatch, part of WatchGuard Cloud Visibility, filters traffic in a way that instantly highlights the most critical information on active users and connections. FireWatch easily answers:

  • Who consumes the most bandwidth?
  • Are there unusual traffic patterns?
  • What is the most popular website visited?
  • Which applications are used by specific workers?
  • Which applications consume the most bandwidth?

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