Threat Detection & Response

Threat Detection and Response (TDR)

Threat Detection & Response

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Hackers are designing malware to be more sophisticated than ever. Through packing, encryption, and polymorphism, cyber criminals are able to disguise their attacks to avoid detection. Zero day attacks and advanced malware easily slip by antivirus solutions that are simply too slow to respond to the constant stream of emerging threats. Organisations of all sizes need a solution that leverages a holistic approach to security from the network to the endpoint.

WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a powerful collection of advanced malware defense tools that correlate threat indicators from Fireboxes and Host Sensors to stop known, unknown and evasive malware threats.

Correlate. Prioritise. Respond.

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    Host Containment and Automated Response

    Control infections automatically when a threat is identified. ThreatSync quickly contains any host machine from the network, preventing further infection of your business. Once contained, ThreatSync eliminates the malware by automatically killing processes, quarantining malicious files, or deleting associated registry keys.

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    Enterprise-grade Threat Intelligence

    Threat Intelligence was previously only a benefit available to enterprise organizations with big budgets and even bigger security teams. With Threat Detection and Response, WatchGuard aggregates and analyses threat intelligence feeds – delivering the security benefits without passing on the associated complexities or cost

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    Threat Visibility on the Endpoint

    The lightweight WatchGuard Host Sensor extends threat visibility and management to the endpoint. The WatchGuard Host Sensor continuously sends heuristic and behavioural data from the endpoint up to ThreatSync for correlation and scoring. Host Sensors are centrally managed from the cloud, making it easy for IT admins and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to deploy, update and manage sensors anywhere in the world.

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    Advanced Threat Triage with APT Blocker

    Want to take a deeper look at a suspicious file? Our integrated approach to threat triage uses an innovative artificial intelligence engine in conjunction with our APT Blocker security service, to detect and automatically send suspicious files for deep analysis in a next-generation Cloud sandbox.

Smarter Detection through Correlation

Advanced malware attacks are complex and multi-staged. Endpoints typically become infected when a user falls for a phishing campaign or clicks on a malicious link to begin the infection process. Once the attack is initiated, the malware may attempt to reach out to command and control servers for further instruction. If your security solutions are operating in silos, there would be no way for the network to know what’s happening on the endpoint and vice versa, which could leave you vulnerable to this dangerous threat.

For this reason, analysing network and endpoint behaviours in tandem provides a powerful means of identifying and stopping never-before-seen malware. Threat Detection and Response makes this possible.

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