Expert Configuration

Expert Configuration

We strongly recommend that the configuration is carried out by a certified firewall expert due to the high risks of security breaches from improperly configured firewalls.

If your organisation does not have WatchGuard specialists in house it is fair to say that it will also take them longer to configure a WatchGuard Firewall beyond a basic deployment, and the chances of it being set-up to full functionality to your organisations business are low.  We will ensure you get your WatchGuard Firebox working to its fullest potential for you.

We have been a WatchGuard partner for over 10 years and we have highly qualified technical staff with WatchGuard qualifications.   If you would like your firewall expertly configured, whether buying from us or already have a firewall bought elsewhere that you are unhappy with, give us a call on 0333 101 6000.

We offer free configuration on any firewall bought from us with a one-year support contract, though we reserve the right to charge if you have more than 5 branch VPN’s.

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